Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sew Mamma Sew, May Day Giveaway

So I found out about the SMS May Day Giveaway after it had already started.  If you've never heard of this before it is AMAZING!!  SMS orchestrates a giveaway between around 300 vendors, bloggers and crafters for homemade crafts, crafting supplies, and vendor items.  You visit the lists and pick which blogs you want to visit and enter, but you only have like 3 days to do them all.  Some blogs require you to complete tasks like follow, comment or like and some just request any comment and random generator select a winner.  I frantically entered as many as I could before the deadline hoping to maybe win one.  A few had over 800 entries by the time I got there but...

I WON TWO!!  Wooo hoooo!!  I won a zipper pouch from During Quiet Time and a pin cushion from Little Peanut!!  I was am so excited, between these two, some ebay purchases and swaps, it's been like little Christmas!

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