Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Woot!! Completed Projects-Pallooza!

Ok, so after I found craftster I realized it will be a while (3mo) I believe before I qualify to I then found Swap-Bot, a whole site just for crafting!!  I've done two swaps, one crochet and one twinchie, and am completing my third (crochet) with two more on the way!  This is soo soo fun!  I had a reason to crochet a scarf, it was my first and being that it's April in south Florida, I am glad to send it off to someone who can use it and will appreciate as much as I do!  I also had an "order" from my friend Amy for another UM blanket and burp cloth set for her sister in law!  So without further ado...

Bag I crocheted for my second swap:  Pattern From:  Easy as Pie Purse

Scarf for my second Crochet Swap:  Pattern From: Crochet Spot  and I added a few flowers on snap hair clips for multi-use!

 First ever twinchie:  2x2 fabric trading card

Adorable micro pleated skirt from Craftster archives for clothing:
My first pleats!!

 Pictures of the Mother's Day, UM baby gift pack to follow!!

Happy Crafting!!


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