Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Finished Projects!!

 Since my last post I have finished a few more projects, both crochet and sewing!

First up, mother/daughter tote bags for my aunt who had the grand opening of her baker A Cake In Time this weekend, based on this design: Free Quilted Tote.  Aunt Sherry's Bag is about 13.5x13.5x13.5, with two inner pockets.  Hannah's bag is envelope style with no side or bottom panels, also 13.5x13.5 with two inner pockets.  I modified the original design by losing one row of squares off the front and back, and one square off the sides and bottom for Sherry, and losing a row of squares front and back, and losing the side and bottom panels all together.



Next up it's the easy peasy quick crochet baby hoodie from lion brand that I posted last update!  Super easy and super quick, but I am definitely learning to check my guage!

The pre-packaged, cut and sew yourself baby blanket...finished quite a while ago but never posted pics!!  Turtles, my FAVORITE!!  This one is going in the for my future baby box!

Next up, the super awesome brother SE-400 sewing and embroidery machine my husband got me for my 27th birthday on 3/3.  I LOVE it, I would never spend this kind of money on myself for a hobby, so I am absolutely stoked!!  I already know how to use it, bought a few turtle embroidery and applique designs, and made my first embroidered item, two little turtles on a future quilting or something square!!

What's next?  Not sure!!  I do have a baptism coming up for a friend's baby in April, let's see what I can come up with!


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