Sunday, March 13, 2011

Craft-tastic weekend!

I am a "self taught" crocheter, I learn everything through you tube,, and other crafters' patterns.  I love being new because it's all exciting, there are a million communities for all kinds of crafters and everyone is so welcoming of newbies!  This weekend,  I discovered crafster, a home made forum for swaps, idea sharing, challenges and you name it with an overabundance of awesome alternative/modern/urban whatever you want to call it crafters!!  I also found Lynnie Pinnie an awesome machine applique/embroidery website with some super cheap, totally cute designs and a great sale going on!  For this weekend's projects, I discovered some new crochet patterns and played with my embroidery machine a bit.

First up, I made a crochet headband for my girlfriend's baby's baptism. I got the pattern from: Calleighs Clips as linked through all crafts, an amazing everything craft database (sewing patterns/tutorials, crochet patterns/tutorials etc), and the pattern for the flower, also througth all crafts, at Alli's blog, AlliCrafts:

So for the second project of the weekend I mad an amigurumi cupcake pin cushion, a little bigger than I though it'd be, but totally cute!  From the crafster crochet forum for free crochet patterns: Cupcake amigurumi

And finally, I embroidered a totally me sparrow, tattoo style of course, on an old blue hoodie:

 That is all for now!!

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