Friday, November 12, 2010

Box of Memories

While I was in the midst of finishing my quilted tote, I found a really cool embroidery site that is just my style!  Tattoo Your Towels  has some really neat templates and great tutorials for easy embroidery.  I wanted to try for my self and I was pretty sure that I had some embroidery floss sitting in my old bedroom at my parents house.  I picked up my old camp counselor arts and crafts box, complete with a lifetime supply of lanyard, half finished keychains and friendship bracelets, and a whole tangle of beading cord, embroidery floss and assorted lanyard bits.  Even as a kid I was a super collector, and saver, I would use as little as possible of consumables like arts and craft supplies so that the would last me oh say, 20 years, LOL.  At least my kids will be all set to go with a complete set of barbies, pretend school, doll cloths and project supplies!

From this awesome tangled mess I was able to salvage quite a bit of embroidery floss and wound it up on some plastic bobbins I bought at Joann's, I was actually surprised how much there was!

I haven't actually gotten to try any of the embroidery yet, it was quite a time consumer to wind all these little cards, but I'll post some pics as soon as I do!

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